Controling & Logging

A central console that consists of a combination of electronic circuits, which gives us the ability to remotely manage, pumping, irrigation and water supply systems, optimizing performance in order to save money, energy and water resources.

Irrigation Network Management

A user-friendly management interface, makes it the ultimate tool for the average farmer and grower, without special technical knowledge. It can be customized to operate similar to a complex and expensive BMS while in the hands of an experienced technician, it becomes the ultimate tool with unlimited possibilities.

Overconsumption Protection

IDROP includes safety features for your home or your business with its humidity sensors. When it detects a leak, it notifies you on your mobile phone, tablet or computer, while its programming notifies you from excessive use of water resources.

Endless Range of Applications

Whatever your needs are, idrop can cover it. With the customizable configuration of it's software and hardware by the R&D department of our company, there is no obstacle and limitation for any application.

Not a single lost drop

The ultimate management with maximum economy and safety.

With a touch screen and our specialized user-friendly software, you have the power to control the pump, the power consumption, the amount of water, and much more.

Cost Saving & Eco Friendly

From a small garden on a balcony, up to a professional cultivation of large dimensions, and from the water supply of a single home, up to an entire city.

IDROP has an automatic irrigation function, based on climate and humidity. Through the software, you can also view statistics of water and electricity consumption, and even have the ability to settle your bills on time and with safety.

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Beautiful Interface


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IDROP has 4 different versions, made for every case and need.

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Monitoring and
data logging

  • Remote monitoring
  • Consumption logging
  • Two-way communication
  • Account Statistics
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Control and

  • All features of light version
  • Pressure fluctuations management
  • Protection against pressure surges
  • Inverter technology
  • Protection from leaks
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Water supply shut down with full remote control.
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Automation in
your everyday life

  • All features of Essentials version
  • 4 electrovalves management channels
  • 4 humidity sensor input channels
  • Manual real-time functions
  • Automated functions
  • Detailed statistics
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The ultimate

  • All features of Home version
  • Hi voltage pumping station's management capabilities
  • Unlimited input channels for electrovalves and sensors
  • Custom automations
  • Modular connections
  • Highly customizable
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